Botanical garden

Bamboos are not trees or shrubs, they are grasses !


Tips for planting bamboo :

If you need advice on how to plant and maintain bamboo, please don't hesitate to ask at la jardinerie (garden centre) where we will be happy to help.

If you wish to purchase bamboos directly online, please click on the link here: les pépinières de la Bambouseraie.

Discovering the different bamboo species :

  • Pseudosasa japonica (compact bamboo)

A good bamboo for small gardens  : grows to 3 or 4 M and its leaves are very compact.  Its slim canes are traditionally used in Japon to make arrows.


  • Phyllostachys aurea (the most common)

These are the most recognisable  garden bamboos, their canes are often used to make walking sticks.


  • Phyllostachys edulis (giant bamboo)

With its culms reaching between 20 and 25 Metres high at maturity and measuring up to 20 centimetres in diametre, this giant bamboo originating from South-west China is quite at home here at La Bambouseraie.


  • Phyllostachys edulis bicolor

Related to Phyllostachys edulis, this bicolor version has light yellow culms with stripey green internodes. It is undoubtedly the most beautiful ornamental bamboo, but is challenging to cultivate.


  • Phyllostachys sulphurea Robert Young 

A Chinese bamboo reaches up to 15 Metres and possesses suberb yellow culms striped with green.