The Camelia and The bamboo collections

In March the first camelia flowers indicate the arrival of Spring at La Bambouseraie.

A collection of 112 species of camelias


La Bambouseraie has a collection of camelias in various colours. In total 112 cultivars can be discovered, with most of them being in the same area of the garden.

the camelias in flower

and the bamboo collection

Near the camelias, the bamboo collections are well worth a visit. There is an interesting variety, amongst them Fargesia robusta which is a cespitose bamboo (the rhiomes are non-running) with a weeping appearance. The specimen at la Bambouseraie is a remarkable one. We have also introduced several species of the genus Borinda originally form Tibet, Nepal and Bhutan.

Did you know ?

We are always attracted by the beautiful appearance of camelia flowers but when you drink a cup of tea, it is in fact dried camelia leaves that you are comsuming.