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The bamboo forest

If bamboo is a grass then this bamboo forest could be considered a prairie !

The Camelia and The bamboo collections

In March the first camelia flowers indicate the arrival of Spring at La Bambouseraie.

The Palm pathway

This species planted by Eugène Mazel has propogated and there are now a multitude of young palms that are dotted amongst the bamboos.

The bonsai and the lotus plants

If you visit La Bambouseraie between 14th July and 15th August you will have the chance to discover our lotuses in flower.


Come and enjoy a selection of more than 200 species in the park.

The Garden Centre

Near the exit of the park is the garden centre area. Plants in pots, bamboos, japanese maples, flowering plants, as well as diverse articles such as...
snack, restaurant


Our Bambousnack bar is open at the entrance of the park above the Bamboutique. There is a shady, panoramic terrace for your enjoyment. Open from...