The grand oak

The biggest oak at La Bambouseraie is more than 40 metres tall, a giant amidst the bamboos.

Originating from temperate regions in Europe and and emblem of Great Britain, this slow growing tree has deciduos leaves.

The Great oak. One of the most remarkable trees at La Bambouseraie

Discover some beautiful oak specimens

The biggest oak at La Bambouseraie is on the way out of the Laotian village, it is 40 Metres high.

During your visit you will discover another penduculate oak that is 34 metres high and has a circumference of 7 metres. The most superb specimens in this area are located in Anduze.

The most beautiful oak penduculate forests can be found in the in the Quercy region in the centre of France.

 Botanical info :

The name Quercus robur, peduncle oak is due to it's long peduncles (the stalk of an inflorescence or a stalk bearing a solitary flower) that flower and bear fruit after fertilisation. It's a heliphilia species and can grow in various different soils.

Uses :

Nearly all of the oak can be used because the acorns can be used to feed pigs; the wood which is porous and contains a lot of tannin which can fragrance wine with the aroma of grilled almonds and caramel. Its wood can be used outside without any special protection.