The Labyrinth

Finding your way around the bamboo labyrinth is a fun moment for all !

A symbol of initiation and the path towards knowledge the labyrinth is a metaphor for a spiritual  journey from East to West. Can you find your way round The labyrinth ? 

The labyrinth is traditionally designed in Europe using box, yew and hornbeams but the labyrinth here is composed from a species of japanese bamboo, the Semiarundinaria makinoï . The dense foliage and its short lateral leaves are perfectly adapted for hedges.

The bamboo maze

Creating a bamboo hedge

Most bamboos are suitable for pruning into hedges. The main advantages of bamboo hedges is that they can be rapidly constructed, their evergreen foliage, their flexibility and guaranteed homogeneity.


Bamboo, a fast growing species

Even though we can't say with precison the yearly growth of a recently planted bamboo hedge because this depends several factors such as local conditions (soil, climate) the varieties chosen and the maintenance. Few other plants can rival its rapid growth. It's reasonable to expect 1 Metre of growth per year for certain medium and giant varieties. 

Evergreen foliage

Don' panic if the leaves of your bamboo are turning yellow and falling off, they will renew themselves progressively every Spring, the same as many other plants. They also distinguish themselves from their rivals by their Spring colours and their delicate foliage.

Pruning a bamboo hedge

A bamboo hedge can be pruned or left to grow freely. The sides and the height can be pruned at the same time. 

The advantage of bamboos is that one pruning a year is enough. It should take place when the new shoots have finished growing and just as they are developing new leaves. Another non-negligable advantage is the height of the hedge which can vary from year to year.

Bamboos can be pruned to different heights every year and will not suffer in the least. For example 2 Metres one year and then 3 Metres the following year.

The exception to this rule is dwarf bamboos hedges that be pruned to between 5 and 10 cm just before the new shoots emerge.


The major risk for a beautiful hedge of uniform cedar, cypress, privet or bay is is that one or several of the plants may die. This will break the harmony of the hedge, and sometimes it takes year to repair the gaps that have been left, especially if the hedge has existed for several decades. With running bamboor(it is not the case of cespiteux bamboo) this cannot happen. Even if there is an accident such as a large tree branch falling on the hedge, the only action required will be to to remove the branch and to cut the damaged culms. The hedge will reconstitute itself identically in record time without the need to replant bamboos.

Our advice for bamboo hedges :

Combine a minimum of 2 species or varieties of bamboos for esthetic reasons.

Did you know ?

The first vegetal labyrinths appeared in the XV century.