The lawson Cypress

One the cypresses here at La Bambouseraie has the second largest circumference of a cypress in the whole of France.

The Lawson cypres forest

The Lawson cypress "Chamaecyparis lawsoniana" measures up to 60 metres and can live up to 400 years. This tree originating from Northern America was introduced into France in 1854.

Botanical info :

Its growth is rapid. It resisits well to cold, does not resist well to prolonged bouts of dryness or Springtime frosts. 

It's wood is perfumed with a lemongrass smell ! Its pollen can cause allergies.

With more than 200 cultivars this conifer varies enormously in shape and size. It is often mistaken for a thuya because of their similar appearance.

Uses :

This wood can be used in many diffferent ways such as joinery and carpentry and reforesting... It prefers light, deep soil and is wind resistant. This is why we use this tree in hedges as it's an excellent windbreaker ! It can also be used to make musical instruments.