The plantations

'Civilization is rooted in nature, which has shaped human culture and influenced all artistic and scientific achievement, and living in harmony with nature gives man the best opportunities for the development of his creativity, and for rest and recreation.' UN World Charter for Nature.

Since the creation of La Bambouseraie, a number of gardeners passionate about botany have successfully introduced different plant varieties. However it takes years before the fruits of their efforts can be fully appreciated and quite often it is only future generations that can  appreciate the great trees such as oaks and magnolias for example.

The plant world like many things has it own trends, in the 70's it was the amarath....In the 80's it was the colur fuschia and in the 90's it was the bonsai.

This new century has democratised the orchid, which in the XIX century and at the start of the XX century were only reserved for the rich. Come and discover the new trends at La Bambouseraie...


La Bambouseraie, an ecosystem

In several areas of the Estate the indigenous vegetation (green oaks, arbutus trees, alders,viburnums...) grow next to exotic plants. The diversity of these plants attracts a mutitude of different species of birds and insects who find varied nesting places here. We strive constantly to protect and conserve this precious ecosystem that surrounds us here.

A mindful way of planting 

  • Ornamental interest,
  • Rare species,
  • Renewing in the short and long term,
  • Necessary diversification in order to prevent disease, insect attacks and phtosanitary treatment.

We are trying our best to preserve and maintain a fragile ecosystem.

Biodiversity at La Bambouseraie

We are aware that the Bambouseraie assembles a tremendous plant heritage. In an ecological approach, we are working on developing integrated organic protection to restore a natural balance. We have thus installed nesting boxes for birds and insects, we crush and recycle all our organic wastes (crushed material is spread at the foot ot the trees, etc). Our pest control methods are organic and water management is optimised. Our organic protection approach evolves continuously.

New plantations every year

  • A Zelcova serrata "Luminifera" and a Zelcova carpinifolia in The Dragon Valley,
  • Several cyprès bleu du Cachemire "Cupressus cashmeriana" and a "Castanopsis cuspidata" on the Palm Pathway,
  • Aesculus indica, a Aesculus chinensis, a Aesculus X neglecta "erythoblastos" and a Cephalotaxus lanceolata" at the entrance.

New bamboos 

  • The Chusquea culeou, a bamboo from The Andes in South America
  •  The Fargesia robusta "wolong", the Fargesia angustissima, Fargesia SP "red panda" and Fargesia scabrida "asian wonder"
  •  And also, a small collection of Borinda, bamboos from The Himalayas in Asia that grow in a temperate climate.

On your visit you will be able to discover first hand the particular richness of certain collections : une Sixty species of camelias, around 50 japanese maples and approximately fifty oaks.