Throughout the season, the Bambouseraie offers a wide range of activities and events for visitors of all ages: musical performances, discovery workshops and arts and crafts activities: There’s definitely something for everyone here!

NEW 2023

“Aleya needs your help to find a hidden flower, a miracle flower whose location is known to almost no one. To complete this life-size quest that will take you to every corner of the Bamboo Grove, you will be looking for beacons, equipped with a large game booklet containing a map full of secret indications. You will be confronted with intrigues involving insects, birds, trees and animals that can be found in the park. The smallest detail will be important in solving the riddles that will be submitted to you.

👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 It’s a family trail game, which calls on the sense of observation and deduction skills! In addition to the fun aspect, the game aims to raise public awareness of the need to respect and protect nature: other species contribute to the balance of ecosystems. Man should no longer eradicate pests, but rather favour their natural predators.

▶ It’s up to you!

No prior registration required.
4€ in addition to the entrance ticket 🎟


This 2023 season welcomes a new exhibition “Envol” 🐦

▶ By Marie H. Ray and Philippe Boisson

For two years, these two Cévennes-based photographers with a passion for nature and wildlife have invested the Bambouseraie and travelled the Cévennes National Park to prepare this exhibition. Their objective – to reveal what we often hear, what we rarely see or see so furtively in our parks, gardens and wilderness. This avian wealth, between plains, deep valleys, mountains and causses is here revealed through 30 representative photos of waders, anatidae, passerines and raptors.

📸 Come and admire it at the bamboo meadow!

Expo Envol
At this time
« Art and nature exhibition »

Each year, the artists featured in our Art & Nature exhibition, express the poetic influence of bamboo and its multiple facets through their creations in their natural environment. For this new edition, the park has opened its doors to Amandine Lasa and Les Fujak.

At the foot of the oak tree, Amandine Lasa’s work entitled “Structure-Fine” made of bamboo sections is just a few steps away from that of Les Fujak (Margrit Neuendorf and Olivier Huet) who with “Le jeu des perles de verres” adorn bamboo stems with bracelets.

In this photo you can see the work of the Fujaks: “The glass bead game”.

You can find these two installations in your Bamboo Garden throughout the 2022 season.

Le jeu des perles de verres
At this time
In the heart of the Cevennes, this old U-shaped building on 4 levels is at the crossroads of the main axes of the estate. We do not know exactly how to date it but we lend it a very old past: towards the end of the fifteenth century.
NEW 2022
THE PLAY AREA: a new playground, in harmony with nature!

This season’s new feature will particularly delight all mini-adventurers.
The Bambouseraie has inaugurated a new play area, allowing families to enjoy a playful moment in complete peace of mind.
This new space is perfectly in line with the park’s environmental approach thanks to its natural installations, designed in Robinia wood, a material renowned for its durability over time, and its wood chip covered playground.
Playing is essential for the development and fulfilment of toddlers. Here, from the age of 2, they are invited to climb, swing and interact through the various activities on offer, encouraging them to stimulate both their physical and relational skills.

Ages 2 to 8 years:

The course for the youngest children consists of a suspension bridge, climbing nets followed by a slide
and a «sand house», contributing to the development of the child’s motor skills, balance and thinking skills. The many creative play areas will keep them entertained for hours!

– Ages 6 to 12 years:

The agility course is a challenge that children of this age will want to take on. Its climbing nets, beams, ropes and jumps, make it possible to have great fun while developing and strengthening the whole body. This course also stimulates socio-emotional skills, which are essential for establishing relationships in society.

Much more than a simple play area, the Bambouseraie playground offers families a stimulating experience in a natural setting.

Project co-financed by:
– Occitania Region for €152,815
– LEADER for an amount of €63,177.64
– The European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development, Europe invests in rural areas

Cabanne en bois
NEW 2020
Discover the Aerial Adventure: an exciting way to reach for the sky!

Our team is proud to announce the opening of its new attraction: the Aerial Adventure

You are invited to come and explore our nets in the trees, up to 8 metres above the ground!
From platform to platform enjoy a moment amongst the bamboo plantations for a magical experience in the heart of nature.
Accessible to all ages, the Aerial Adventure allows you to observe and study the natural environment in total security and without treading on the roots.

So, come and enjoy this magical experience, open to all, and don’t forget your sneakers!




Safely discover local and exotic wildlife, especially insects, arachnids, reptiles and amphibians ! 🕷 🐍
Thanks to the @laCicindèle association, come observe, understand and protect the wildlife around us, and change your look, against prejudices and false beliefs about these animals.

Our goal:
▶️ To inform about the vital importance of their presence in our environment,
▶️ Educate about animals and their environment.

No prior registration – included in ticket price ✅

From 10.30 am to 5 pm

biodiversité animale
« Bees Kingdom » workshop

On Saturday 23rd of October from 10 :30 am to 5 :30 pm :  « Bees Kingdom » workshop with Globule Vert.

Let’s discover how a beehive works and how to protect bees.

Learn how to build a shelter for wild bees, how to understand their place in the ecosystem, their cycle of life and needs.


Falcons, owls and many other species all arrived in bad shape to be healed by Wild Fauna of Laroque Hospital are ready to take back their freedom.

The day might be modify according to meteologic conditions for the good well and health of the animals.

Access to the event included in the ticket price.


For their 19th edition in France and 4th edition in Europe, the Rendez-vous aux Jardins invites you to the Bambouseraie.

More than 3,000 parks and gardens, in France and in Europe, will be associated this year with this great European garden festival and will offer you precious moments of discovery and exchange.

Friday June 3, Saturday June 4 and Sunday June 5, entry to the Bambouseraie is free for children aged 4 to 13 and people with disabilities.


Sunday 17 October will be the 6th edition of the Day of Plants at the Bamboo Grove organized in partnership with the association Bousco.

Benefit from the advice of specialized nurserymen:

– Attend the conference of the entomologist Edith MUHLBERGER on “Biodiversity” at 2:30

What is biodiversity? To put an end to misconceptions!
Biodiversity in the Bamboo Park
How can you promote biodiversity in your garden, on your terrace or on your balcony?

– Take part in workshops and activities, not to mention the possibility of dining on site.

On this occasion, the entrance fee will be exceptionally reduced to 8 € (single rate).

jdb_journée-des-plantes_Gard-7276_OK (003)

In association with @lessitesdexceptionenlanguedoc, Bambouseraie offers:

From 10am to 7:00 pm

– Ateliers Nature-Biodiversité 🌿 Création de nichoirs / mobiles en bambou

– Traces and signs of the presence of wildlife in the Cévennes with 2 stands (games, observation, fingerprint recognition and moulding)

– Presentation of live animals: insects, arachnids, myriapods

LPO Gard stand with bird listening session in the park.🐝

4 departures for Safaris led by Edith Mühlberger, entomologist

🔽 At 10 am, 11.30 am, 2 pm, 3.30 pm Upon registration – 10 families at each departure

At 6pm – Surel Segal Gubitsch, classical/jazz concert


Third Painter’s Day managed by « Les Amis de la Bambouseraie » association at he Bambouseraie garden.

Theme : « Nature, an artiste in residency ».

Receptions of participants between 9 AM and 9:30 AM, gathering of the artworks for the jury decision at 4:30 PM and award ceremony at 5:30 PM.

Booking mandatory according to the number of places available.

11€ for adult, 7€ for 12 to 16 years old with an adult and 11€ for accompanying person ( 1 or 2 maximum).

Booking : https://urlz.fr/gdI5

Photo credit – Paulina Kuklina

journée des peintres 1

Rendezvous with the 7th partnership in art with the Cinema Festival of Alès – “Itinérances” for the screening of the adventure film “The Oak” by Laurent Charbonnier and Michel Seydoux.

Once upon a time, there was the story of a 210-year-old oak tree that became a pillar in its kingdom. This spectacular adventure film brings together an extraordinary cast: squirrels, barnacles, jays, ants, field mice… All this vibrant, humming and wonderful little world seals its destiny around this majestic tree that welcomes them, feeds them, protects them from its roots to its top. A poetic ode to life where nature alone expresses itself.

In the presence of Michel Seydoux

Single price: €4.00

CONCERT - Les Pousses du Bamboo Orchestra

See you on June 12 at 11 a.m. and 1 p.m. for two concerts from the Pousses du Bamboo Orchestra

Like the bamboo that germinates, grows, flowers, multiplies, the Bamboo Orchestra emerges: Les Pousses !

Driven by a real pleasure of practice Les Pousses are the next generation of the Bamboo Orchestra.

Surprisingly ripe, Les Pousses are nonetheless charmingly fresh. Having reached a semi-professional level, they will perform at the Bambouseraie.

Access to the concert included in the price of the entrance ticket to the park.

No reservation needed


Pousse bambou orchestra

Strong friendships, a full envy to live music with joy, the desire of bonding stronger links with audiences from different ages and origins is what represents « Ensemble Dodéka ».

Twelve young chords musicians playing without leader.

The energy, the listening quality between them and smiles make the show an honored moment.

Access included in the entrance ticket price.

Concert times : Saturday at 6.00 PM & Sunday at 2.00 PM

Booking mandatory. Limited places.

Inscription by telephone : 04 66 61 96 17 or by email at bambou@bambouseraie.fr


These four musicians met during their studies at the National Conservatory of Arts of Paris. Reunited to form a variable and geometrical ensemble between duet and trio making transcriptions to explore different repertoires.

Access included in the entrance ticket price.

With the kind participation of the public.

Booking mandatory. Limited places.

Inscription by telephone : 04 66 61 96 17 or by email at bambou@bambouseraie.fr

Photo 2 (002)

Young students from the Paris Conservatories offer you an hour of classical music.

On the programme: W. Glück: Les furieF. ; Handel: The Messiah; Dvorak: New World Symphony; Grieg: Peer Gynt

On a music course near Anduze, they present to you the result of a week of intensive and passionate work. They are supervised by their teachers, Céline Planes on the violin, Renaud Stahl on the viola and Julie Gros on the cello.

Access to the show included in the price of the entrance ticket to the park.




concert jeunes talents 1

For the first edition of the Jazzoparc Festival and for the greatest pleasure of jazz music lovers, the Bambouseraie welcomes “The Cabinal Dandies” septet Saturday 17th of July from 5 pm to 6 pm.

Access to the concert is included in the price of the entrance ticket.

JAZZOPARC- Young audience show "Voyage en percussion"

Jean Philippe Naeder and Didier Morel are 2 percussionists united by 40 years of travel and music.

The show is presented as extracts from travel diaries: spiritual India, the Brazil of samba, the fascinating Africa…

The children attend this joyful complicity of 2 friends who always have so much fun playing together.

Concert time: 2:00 p.m. AND 4:00 p.m.

Access to the concert is included in the price of the entrance ticket 🎟


JazzOParc invites itself to the Bambouseraie!🎍

Find Patrick Artero for a quartet jazz swing concert in an exceptional setting.

Concert time: 5:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m.

Access to the concert is included in the price of the entrance ticket🎟


A wondering during which the public will have to feeling of entering into communion with nature, of being immersed in it, in its deepest secrets. In the group, the words become murmurs, the silence is made little by little and imposes itself. With hushed steps, the walkers begin their migration, their senses awake, in search of sounds.

Oh ! Surprise, the bird singers trill, whistle, chirp… and the birds answer them. Wanblers appear, they approach. A robin’s alarm call, a jay’s cry of fear, a chaffindis song of love… a scene of life is set up and reminds us that, with winged beings, the same issues are at stake as with humans. Nature is welcoming of cruel; the landscape is the setting for a story that artists translate into music. A poetry of the moment, a unique journey with distant or familiar sounds.

Access to the concert is included in the price of the entrance ticket.

Reservations required, subject to availability.

Registration by phone 04 66 61 96 17 or by mail at bambou@bambouseraie.fr

Les chanteurs d'Oiseaux
Le temps des arbres

Screening of the film “Le temps des arbres” by Marie-France Barrier in partnership with the association Mandela For Ever Young.


It is often believed that rainforests stand out for the size of their trees, which are supposed to be much larger than the trees of temperate forests; this view is false because the world’s largest trees live in temperate regions.

The real difference is only recently known (1982) with the first studies measuring biodiversity: tropical forests have about a hundred times more biodiversity than temperate forests.

Another essential difference lies in the absence of thermal seasons at the lowest latitudes: as a result, not all trees of the same species bloom at the same time. It also happens that, in the absence of a seasonal synchronizer, the branches of the same tree do not bloom at the same time.

Conference time: 3:30 pm

Signing of several books at the end of the conference.

No prior registration included in the ticket price

Photo credit: Véronique Mure


The Friends of the Bambouseraie, with the support of the Association of Parks and Gardens of Languedoc-Roussillon, and the association A.R.B.R.E.S. invite you to a day of discovery and reflection on the theme.
160 years of successful cohabitation at Bambouseraie:
How to preserve and maintain a heritage
Remarkable trees and bamboo in cohabitation?




Bambouseraie en Cévennes is organising a free-for-all fan competition, with two categories: individual or schools, from September 1st to 30th 2019.

Fans will be judged for aesthetic quality, originality and choice of materials used. The prize-winners will be selected by the jury and rewarded on Sunday, October 13th, during the Day of Plants.

In a warm, artistic atmosphere, present your fan creation and win one of many prizes.

* participation free of charge, registration compulsory. Request registration form and competition rules by email from the following address: bambou@bambouseraie.fr

Capture d’écran 2019-07-17 à 16.24.01
Halloween in the bamboo

Ghosts, skeletons, and other spider webs are to be discovered in the Bamboo Grove from October 22!

On this occasion, workshops and discovery games will be to discover with a surprise to win!


-Making ghost leaves, leaf masks and bamboo witch brooms.

Discovery game:

Search for the word mystery and win a gift!

For this day of horror, the child entrance is offered to all scary children!


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