Throughout the season, the Bambouseraie offers a wide range of activities and events for visitors of all ages: musical performances, discovery workshops and arts and crafts activities: There’s definitely something for everyone here!

Discover the Aerial Adventure: an exciting way to reach for the sky!

Our team is proud to announce the opening of its new attraction: the Aerial Adventure

You are invited to come and explore our nets in the trees, up to 8 metres above the ground!
From platform to platform enjoy a moment amongst the bamboo plantations for a magical experience in the heart of nature.
Accessible to all ages, the Aerial Adventure allows you to observe and study the natural environment in total security and without treading on the roots.

So, come and enjoy this magical experience, open to all, and don’t forget your sneakers!

Discover the Aerial Adventure: an exciting way to reach for the sky!
Exposition Euphorbe Serre Mazel

The Bambouseraie en Cévennes is delighted to announce a brand new exhibition in the Mazel Glasshouses, entitled “Les Euphorbiacées! (The Euphorbiaceae Family!). There are roughly 2,000 species of Euphorbia worldwide, each very different from the other. They are known as medicinal plants but can also be toxic (their milky sap is a skin irritant). Most species are found in the tropics, in the Indo-Malayan region.


Euphorbias quite unique, not only in terms of the way they flower but also their evergreen foliage. They are tough, easy-to-grow, undemanding plants that can be perennials, annuals, biennials or sometimes even shrubs. This new exhibition in the glasshouses will give you some bright ideas on how to spruce up your rockeries or simply some nature-fuelled inspiration.

The Mazel Glasshouses:

[Did you know?] Eugene Mazel had these glasshouses built in 1860 to acclimatise his most tender plants. They were designed in the Napoleon III architectural style and now bear their maker’s name.

Exposition Euphorbe Serre Mazel
until 15th november
Mediterranean Plants

Enjoy the Mediterranean Plants exhibition in Serre de Mazel throughout the season.

Learn all there is to know about plants which live in a Mediterranean climate (hot, dry summers, warm, wet winters) at this exhibition. Plants from many different horizons, such as the Garrigues and Maquis for the Mediterranean, the Chaparral for California, the Espinal for Chile and fynbos and mallee & kwongan respectively, for South Africa and Australia. In addition to sharing the same climate and living conditions, all these plants are very decorative.

All on board for a Mediterranean adventure!

Mediterranean Plants
sunday 20th september
Day of painters

Creation of a painting entitled “Nature, an artist in residence”.

Follow your inspiration, find a comfortable spot in the gardens, and let imagination and creativity do the rest! Participants are welcome from 9am. At 4.30pm the jury will select the winning paintings for prize giving at 5.30pm.

Organised by “Les Amis de la Bambouseraie”

Day of painters



Every winter, it is quite necessary to make an aesthetic cut of the dead and damaged stems. These culms are crushed and thus reused as mulching into the park. The green sections that we use for construction or crafts are cut throughout the year according to our needs.

From September 1st to 30th 2019

Bambouseraie en Cévennes is organising a free-for-all fan competition, with two categories: individual or schools, from September 1st to 30th 2019.

Fans will be judged for aesthetic quality, originality and choice of materials used. The prize-winners will be selected by the jury and rewarded on Sunday, October 13th, during the Day of Plants.

In a warm, artistic atmosphere, present your fan creation and win one of many prizes.

* participation free of charge, registration compulsory. Request registration form and competition rules by email from the following address: bambou@bambouseraie.fr

Saturday 5th october
Biodiversity, beyond nature and culture

The conference sets out to show that the question of biodiversity is not uniquely one
of biological ecology, whose aim is to protect the “environment”, but that biodiversity is
also linked to the uniformity of our way of living and the single model of industrial and
agricultural productivity.
Biodiversity and preservation of cultural diversity, practices and languages, go hand in

*Conference organised by the Association les Amis de la Bambouseraie

Biodiversity, beyond nature and culture
sunday 13th october
Day of Plants

In partnership with the association, Bousco. From 9.30am to 6pm, the day of plants will be attended by around twenty nursery exhibitors and speakers in the big meadow…

Foodtrucks and a bar will be on hand throughout the day to provide refreshments.

Day of Plants
wednesday 31st JUly at 6pm
Shani Diluka and the bird singers

Classic music and birdsong
Schubert, Granados, Grieg, Debussy and the song of skylarks, nightingales and finches…

The recital evokes the massive and daunting disappearance of birds through the prism of the emotion of music and the beauty of birdsong. Art opens the way to a vital and deep connection with Nature.

Shani Diluka and the bird singers
saturday 27th July
String Orchestra for young musicians from the Paris Music Academy

Ensemble for strings, violin, viola and cello.

Young musicians from the Paris Music Academy offer audiences one hour of classical music delight.
Studying music near Anduze, the students will showcase a week of intense and vibrant work for your listening pleasure.
The students are accompanied by teachers Céline Planes and Bérengère Quentin de Gromard on
violin, with Renaud Stahl on viola and Julie Gros on cello.

String Orchestra for young musicians from the Paris Music Academy

For the third consecutive summer, the silver screen comes to the Bambouseraie for an evening of movie entertainment, organised in partnership with Ales Film Festival – Itinérances.

Screening of the Japanese cartoon “The tale of princess Kaguya”(2 hours 17 mins), directed by Isao Takahata and produced by Studio Ghibli

The film is inspired by the 10th century legend of the Bamboo cutter of Murasaki Shikibu, considered to be Japan’s oldest tale. The tale tells the story of a young girl who is “glowingly” beautiful, and who was found as a baby by a peasant in a bamboo stalk. She grows into a magnificent young woman, coveted by the country’s greatest princes, ready to face impossible challenges in the hope of winning her hand.

Isao Takahata is a Japanese cartoon maker (1935-2018). He co-founded Studio Ghibli, with Hayao Miyazaki. He is famous for Grave of the Fireflies (1988), as well as Jarinko Chie (1981), Pompoko (1994), My neighbors the Yamadas (1999) and The tale of the princess Kaguya (2013).

SUNDAY 27TH octobeR
On the tracks of animals

Discover the fauna of the Cévennes

Identify different species
Match animals and paw prints

Learn about different types of prints (ungulate, digitigrade, etc.)

On the tracks of animals
FROM 20TH aPril TO 15TH novembER
Art & Nature

“Art & Nature, a plant journey through five unique installations”

The exhibition opens at 5pm on the 19th of april

« Plunge into the dense vertical forest, Discover the deep vestiges between roots and vines Walk and whisper to bamboos. Move through the gateway knotted with rope and ties, Breathe in the rays of the setting sun In the shimmering silence.»

Odile de Frayssinet, visual artist, applies expertise in weaving techniques to explore new territories: tapestries, sculptures, wall shelves, jewellery…

Art & Nature
SUNDAY 20TH october and 3RD novembER
Autumn colours

The Bambouseraie gardens are a rainbow of radiant colours in the Autumn; use this glorious palette to create exceptional artwork. Learn how to preserve leaves and fix their colour, and how to use them to create mobiles, pictures or sculptures… let your creative imagination run away with you!

Between transparency, mixed tints and warm colours, the beautiful autumn leaves are sure to bring out the artist within.

a Activity organised by DIPTYK

Autumn colours
wednesday 17th JUly at 6pm
Ensemble Made in Brass

Brass sextet Music from films, opera classics, hymns and tango!

Bizet, Verdi, Morricone, Piazzolla, Abba…
The Brass sextet “MADE IN BRASS” is an ensemble of six musicians from Montpellier Occitanie National Opera and Orchestra.

Born of the human and musical bond between artists from the National Music Academies of Paris or Lyon, “MADE IN BRASS” promotes brass instruments and their music, blending melody, technique and the pleasure of music shared.

In partnership with Montpellier Occitanie National Opera and Orchestra

Programme : Juliette Deschamps
With two exceptional outdoor concerts on the theme of “Marvellous Nature and Bestiary”: in a unique, listed garden with family or friends, enjoy superb musical moments with well-known professional musicians.

Two summer experiences, not to be missed!

Ensemble Made in Brass
sunday 9th JUNe
The shoots of the Bamboo Orchestra

Bamboo Orchestra is composed of talented musicians, guided by the hand of Makoto Yabuki.

The concept is based on transmission, sharing and atypical musical creation.
The use of bamboo to create instruments is a particularly energising source of inspiration.

Now is the time to discover them!

The shoots of the Bamboo Orchestra
7TH, 8th ET 9th JUNE
Meet me in the gardens

The theme this year is “animals in the garden”, inviting participants to consider the ties between Man, environment and biodiversity.

Animals are a vital part of any garden and must be protected.
A national event organised by the Ministry of Culture Free for under 18s.

Meet me in the gardens
SATURDAY 27TH aPril and 4TH maY
Animal biodiversity workshop

Guided presentation of living creatures.

Discover regional and exotic fauna (insects, arachnids, reptiles, amphibians).

a Activity organised by La Cicindèle :

Animal biodiversity workshop
Saturday 27th april
Swallows in the Gard

Spring is back, along with its swallows and warm temperatures!

The conference will give a presentation of different nesting swallow species from the department, along with different nest types. Christian Hubert will then share the results of a study on swallows, before inviting participants to ask questions.

Christian Hubert is in charge of swallows at the Gard Birdwatch Centre, a publicly recognised nature protection association, founded in 1980. http://cogard.org/

For over 30 years, some 170 enthusiastic, knowledgeable members of COGard have been working to protect biodiversity across the department.
Its three main missions are: studying – protecting – informing and awareness-building

Swallows in the Gard
SUNDAY 21st aPril and 28TH aPril
Bambouseraie en Cévennes through the microscope

Observation of the Bambouseraie en Cévennes through the microscope.

Flora: discover the hidden beauty of plant cell structures.
Water: observation of the extraordinary biodiversity of micro-organisms in muddy water, so vital to the aquatic food chain.
Soil: discovery of the specific interaction between bamboo roots and soil micro fauna, giving bamboo its incredible soil-cleaning capacity, in particular via absorption of heavy metals.

Bambouseraie en Cévennes through the microscope